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 Rowe Gallery | SEDONA

When Ken and Monica Rowe opened the doors of Rowe Fine Art Gallery in March 2010, they had a strong vision of the gallery’s theme and focus.

After sculpting wildlife for 30 years, Ken is an expert at making sure each artist he represents brings something unique to the gallery – you won’t find any overlap at Rowe Fine Art. Ken and Monica also strive to make sure the physical space complements the art. The gallery quickly outgrew its original upstairs spot and relocated to its current suite under Tlaquepaque’s iconic bell tower in 2011.

Rowe Fine Art Gallery represents traditional and contemporary southwestern sculptors, painters and jewelers. Art lovers will also find handcrafted knives, intarsia boxes, shadowboxes and graphite art.

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Rowe Gallery
336 SR 179 Suite A-102