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 Carrie Kacen Makeup and Hair Artistry | SEDONA

Your Chosen Look

When choosing your 'Bridal Look' it is essential to have a clear idea of what you envision, with the flexibility to CREATE and integrate a personalized look!  Pinterest is highly recommended for shopping the latest trends for your wedding theme.  A visual collection of your favored styles makes for a clear communication between you and your artist. Things to consider beyond your theme, are location and weather. Braids are trending with the popular vintage and ranch themes. Fishtails and ladders offer novel ways to individualize your best look. Braids and updo's are great for misty, damp or hot and humid conditions. Dry temperate conditions will accommodate the soft and long styles.

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Carrie Kacen Makeup and Hair Artistry


CarrieAnnKacen@Gmail.com 708)912-5256